Production of Gets Warehouse Shelf Systems, monitoring of steel starting from the first recipe in the pot, checking compliance with DIN norms, cold forming and painting of steel qualities such as St 37, St 42 and St 52 on a special line and the control required by Gets Quality System. and tests.

Our dyeing process consists of WASHING and epoxy polyester powder coating which is applied before the painting, where the coating layer is prevented from rusting under the paint and oil and rust are removed from the sheet surface without touching the hands, and the PAINTING stages are baked at 200 ° C with electrostrostatic application. Dye Film Thickness Measurements, impact and salt tests made according to ISO norms after painting are the basic validation criteria for our paint quality.

RAL 9001, 7005, 3000, 2004, and 5002 are standard colors and other color options are available.